1. #workinprogress: Very excited about this new piece … taking the non-quadrilateral theme to a whole new level for me :)

  2. The framed version of my latest painting “Regal Blues,” which will be on display in a group exhibition at the #ArtGalleryofBurlington. Opening Reception this Sun. 2-4pm @burlingtonartinaction
    // Inspired by my trip to the gulf coast of Florida, for this painting I wished to capture in an anthropomorphic way the noble quality of this Yellow-Crowned Night Heron whose countenance indicated a somber look of contemplation.

  3. Here is my latest painting, Regal Blues … please share if you like :)
    Oil on Solid Masonite, 9” x 2” circle, 2014

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  4. Almost finished my latest painting, which will be on display in my portable gallery this Saturday at the fundraiser being put on for my family. Part of the proceeds from my sales will be going toward it. More info at www.youcaring.com/tiessenfamily

  5. Work In Progress: This past week I began a new circle painting of a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron … I still have much more to do on the rock texture & feather detail, but I’m happy with how it’s coming along :)

  6. A concept sketch for one of my next paintings of an old peeling paint basketball net with an American Goldfinch perched on the rusty rim.

  7. Happy to now show my latest commissioned painting Tranquil Tides

    Oil on Baltic Birch 8” x 12” 2014

    The initial inspiration for this landscape painting came from where my family camped on the edge of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Every evening we would go out to clod through the mud and witness the tide returning inland. Then we sat on a knoll until the sun set over the distant hills, its last light reflecting on a relic from the past. A collector who visited my studio gallery a short time later requested a small landscape painting based on my photos. When her name finally came up on my long list of commissions we worked together to flesh out the details, including the footprints (reminiscent of an old poem), mourning doves, and a specific latch on an old wooden fence. It is my desire that this painting will invoke the serenity of the scene, transporting the viewer to their own personal place of tranquility. The beauty of creation witnessed through the medium of art can be a conduit to the “peace that passes all understanding.”

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  8. #WorkInProgress

  9. #WorkInProgress: enjoying painting the sun burst with its ray of light coming across the field.

  10. #WIP Excited to see this one coming together … I will have it on display this weekend at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival starting tomorrow night (7-10pm).

  11. While in Florida I’ve been able to start work on a new commissioned landscape painting … while looking out onto the ocean view to the passing boats & jumping dolphins :)

  12. #tbt Working on Ahoy Sleeper. My brother gave me these awesome headphones in exchange for designing his album cover. I use them everyday to listen to music, books, lectures & podcasts while I paint :)

  13. Here’s a photo to show the three dimensional aspect of “Eternal Sail,” which I completed earlier this year.

    I plan to try some more of these large non-rectangular paintings, but first I’m looking forward to working on a small commissioned painting of a marshland landscape … I’ll keep you posted!

  14. Just finished my latest painting, Ahoy Sleeper. Please Re-blog and comment if you like :)

    Oil on Braced Baltic Birch, 36” diameter, 2014

    I began thinking about painting an aquanaut, or deep-sea diver, when we were in Florida and some friends suggested we meet at Tarpon Springs, an old Greek settlement known for its sponge industry. On a boat tour I became fascinated with an antique diving suit donned for a demonstration of how they collected sponges. I was drawn to the brass surface texture of the helmet, which was even more interesting with the emergence from water. Once home, I did further research on lighting, wet rubberized fabric and brass with photos of myself, first in my studio and later emerging from Lake Ontario wearing a round brass planter on my head!

    The choice of using a circular panel was intentional. In viewing a rectangular piece, there is a left-to-right beginning-to-end, whereas a circle is cornerless, resulting in a type of timelessness and unity. This set the stage for a painting that would come to carry peculiar metaphysical weight.

    Over the years I have been intrigued by Ephesians 5:14, which states “Awake, O Sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” When reading it, I would always have a strange picture in my mind of a diver rising upon a seaweed shore with a bird flying above. Suddenly, this verse in Ephesians and the visual idea for this painting converged. As I conceptually developed this piece I began to see the metamorphosis of the aquanaut emerging from the depths of the ocean into an unknown light, with an illuminated Common House-Martin ascending into the sky. By excluding the face and skin colour, the figure becomes a metaphoric archetype for spiritual transformation, arising from deadness of soul into new life in Christ, which is available to everyone.
  15. #WorkInProgress So I think I’ve left you all in suspense for long enough … the main subject in my latest painting is a deep sea diver emerging from the ocean :)